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"Corrupt Cartridge" - Character Pixel Assets

The game Corrupt Cartridge will have two styles for different contexts/settings in-game. One being hand drawn, the other being pixel art.

This is my exploration of the pixel art style and animation for Corrupt Cartridge. The details of both Nick and Huxley have been a challenge to portray with the limited real estate allowed by the pixel art scale I have chosen.

Craig mullins huxley sprite development large

Huxley - Sprite and Costume Development

Craig mullins huxley portraits large

Huxley - Dialogue Portraits

Craig mullins nick run large

Nick - Run Loop

Craig mullins nick edge hang jump resize

Nick - Ledge Hang

Craig mullins nick jump large

Nick - Jump Loop

Craig mullins nick jump up large

Nick - Jump Up

Craig mullins nick jump fall large

Nick - Jump Fall

Craig mullins nick shield block

Nick - Shield Block Loop

Craig mullins nick idle large

Nick - Idle Loop

Craig mullins nick idle alt fist scrunch large

Nick - Idle Alt Loop (fist scrunch)

Craig mullins huxley idle 02

Huxley - Idle Loop

Craig mullins huxley idle 01

Huxley - Idle Loop (Deep Breath)