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"Corrupt Cartridge" - Character Design: Nick

Corrupt Cartridge is an independently developed video game project currently in development by myself. This is the design process for the story's co-protagonists: Nick and Huxley.

The difference in how I intend for Nick and Huxley to feel to control for the player and the contrast in the way they both animate and traverse the game world was a major influence on the art direction of both characters.

Nick is like a wall, steady and planted, the gentle giant character - the defender.
Where as Huxley is a wiry survivalist. Gnarled, but serpentine - the attacker.

Everything, from their shape and colour design to their body language was crafted in order to sell their personalities and history. But also their differences. Contrast and readability was a must.

Craig mullins 01 nick rough development

Nick and Huxley - Initial shape sketches

Craig mullins 02 nick rough development

Nick - Body language design

Craig mullins 03 nick outfit development

Nick - Outfit design

Craig mullins 04 nick turnaround 01

Nick - Rough turnaround (no hoodie)

Craig mullins 05 nick turnaround 02

Nick - Rough turnaround (hoodie)

Craig mullins 06 nick finished lines

Nick - Final shape/lines

Craig mullins 07 nick colour concepts

Nick - Colour development

Craig mullins 08 nick shield design

Nick - Shield prop design

Craig mullins nick sketch 2 fin

Nick - Finished Design

Craig mullins 31 huxley and nick size reference

Nick and Huxley - Size comparison